Tinctures are essential oils. Most plants, especially hemp, produce an oil, which is extracted in order to offer a product with a high concentration of CBD. They are selected with our best cannabidiol seeds to offer you a CBD rate of 20% and THC rate of 0.2%.

To use our HazyCBD tinctures, nothing could be simpler.
Take your vial and put a few drops (2 or 3) of this essence under your tongue several times a day, this use will allow a very important speed of action, because your mucous membranes directly absorb the product. You will then be able to enjoy the effect in a very short time.
The second way to use our tinctures is to place a few drops on your food. This use will mask the taste of the oil, but will slightly lengthen the beneficial effects of the product.
So it’s up to you to choose !

Hazy’s handy bottle allows you to carry it easily wherever you are and consume it at any time of the day.
Cannabidiol could have beneficial effects on several aspects: reduce anxiety and stress, improve the quality of sleep. It may also reduce pain in some people.