As with our other products at HazyCBD, these delicious gummies are made with CBD. A concentration up to 20% and 0.2% THC.
Thanks to HazyCBD gummies, make sure you have the same amount in each product. Very practical to know your dosage in a day.
The Hazy gummies give a relaxing and soothing effect to your body as well as to your mind.

Like any candy, enjoy eating these treats. The cannabidiol present in these sweets will be absorbed very quickly by your mucous membranes and you will then enjoy all its benefits.

Feel like a sweet break at the CBD? HazyCBD candies are made for you. Ensure a little moment of sweet pleasure, accompanied by total relaxation.
Our CBD Gummies have the same taste as the sweets of your childhood, they are sweet, sour and fruity. Moreover, they are very practical to carry and rather discreet. You can eat them in full view of everyone without the risk of being pointed at.