These delicious gummies are made using CBD, with a concentration of up to 20%, and 0.2% THC. We also make sure we have the same amount in each serving so you can get an accurate dosage. CBD gummies give you relaxing and soothing effects to both your body and your mind.

The effects of cannabidiol will take longer to kick in after consumption because the molecule must be digested before it is absorbed by your body. Effects generally take 1 hour to kick in however, they last longer.

If you are looking for a feeling of relief and relaxation that lasts a while, CBD is the solution for you. Taking CBD will help you be relaxed, calm and focused. Consume no more than  2 to 3 servings per day, and enjoy!

Feel like a sweet break at the CBD? HazyCBD candies are made for you. Ensure a little moment of sweet pleasure, accompanied by total relaxation.
Our CBD Gummies have the same taste as the sweets of your childhood, they are sweet, sour and fruity. Moreover, they are very practical to carry and rather discreet. You can eat them in full view of everyone without the risk of being pointed at.