CBD Tinctures has no toxic properties and can be beneficial to your pet’s health. It does not contain any psychoactive substance (THC), which can be harmful to your pet. This is why the use of CBD for pets is increasingly recommended by pet professionals and pet owners. Our CBD Tincture for animals is designed for dogs and cats, with specific flavors to facilitate its absorption.

For best results and optimal absorption, the oils should be administered directly into your pet’s mouth. If this method of consumption is poorly accepted by your pet, you can very easily administer the CBD dose in its food. It will take one to two hours for the product to take effect.

The dosage of CBD for your animals is based on two factors, which should be taken into consideration:
the weight of your pet

As with humans, dogs have the same endogenous cannabinoid system. CBD stimulates receptors that act on relaxation. The benefits of CBD for animals do not stop there. It can also reduce or eliminate inflammation, anxiety, vomiting, tumors, convulsions, skin problems, pain etc.
It provides your pet with an intense feeling of relaxation and reduces pain, without producing intoxicating effects.